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Puppeteer you tug the strings
pull the pretty dolls close
a spiderweb you draw them in
choke their dreams with muddled lies
drown their hopes with tears
make them smile with false hope
then cast them off again
lost and a lone
a tempting lure
you drag them back
taunt them if they stay
beautiful siren
destroying us all
your pretty dolls
who've been tainted by your poison
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She laughs
Beautifully and painfully real
Never has he seen such life in her
She dances
And he feels the joy radiating from her
He loves her
She smiles
She knows
In the morning
She fades
And the world is dark
Her smile is a memory
The bed cold and empty
Reality breathes death again
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Arches by bluegoldrose Arches :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 0 0 Arches and Ivy I by bluegoldrose Arches and Ivy I :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 4 4
Better Off
Been down this road a hundred times before
Keep on giving all I've got
But you keep taking more
And I try and try to help you
But you keep throwing me away
So I'm taking back my heart
And leaving you today
And honey, honey try to understand
This time there was nothing left for me to lose
And honey, honey I'd cry over you
But now I find you aren't even worth the tears
Gave you my life
Gave you my love
Gave you comfort
You took
You take
You steal away
Til nothing remains
Hollow and angry
Empty and cold
I'm better off without you
And someday you'll be all alone.
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She's like a rippling stream
Calm, relaxed, soothing
She has no fear of danger
And remains a source of refreshing
He's like fire
Always moving
Always restless
A blaze
Though sometimes only a flicker
Continuous change
The stream
And the flame
She's like the wind
Always moving forward
He's like ice
Never letting anyone through
Always alone
The ice and the wind
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A1 by bluegoldrose A1 :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 0 0 The Lights by bluegoldrose The Lights :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 2 2 Swirls by bluegoldrose Swirls :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 1 8
I remember the first time
I remember what it felt like the first time
The first time I did everything
Especially the first time I did anything with you
Your voice
Your smile
Your scent
The first caress of your lips
The feel of your skin against mine
The need to have you close
The first drive on a trip far away
The first time I lay down with you
The first time you made me love
I still remember all that I gave to you
And all that you gave to me
I still feel the pain in every fight
I still feel the hurt in every cut
I still remember you breaking my heart
Then winning me back
Just to break me again
And when you left me for someone else
I remember what it was like to have you tell me to stay
To be your friend
And I remember how much it hurt to say goodbye
The first time
And to know that this time
Will finally be the end
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Contradictions by bluegoldrose Contradictions :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 2 0 Bethlehem by bluegoldrose Bethlehem :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 4 4 Angel in the Mist by bluegoldrose Angel in the Mist :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 2 0
Pretty Little Words
Pretty Little Words
Such pretty little words
Did they mean a thing?
Softly whispered in the dark
Was it just a game?
You found the ways of getting in
Of breaking down my walls
And when you saw that you were in
You tore me apart and left
Don't call me honey
Don't call me baby
I'm not your sweetheart anymore
You don't know what you want
But you want to be my friend
I'm sorry baby I don't work that way
I'm not gonna stay around
Why should I give you the chance to break me again?
Right from the start
I gave you control
Tried to listen to my mind, telling me to feel nothing for you
Trust me, trust me
I promise not to hurt you
I won't break your trust
don't be afraid
You just have to follow your heart

Such a hypocrite
Such pretty little words
Breaking through my walls trying to make me feel
I gave you so many things
Do you even care?
And finally when you knew
that my heart was in your hands
You threw it all away and ran
But you say you still wanna be my friend
I'm sorry hun
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Me by bluegoldrose Me :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 0 0 Darkness and Light by bluegoldrose Darkness and Light :iconbluegoldrose:bluegoldrose 2 4

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life is overwhelming... there is so much I'm worried about... so much unfixable... that I just don't know what to do anymore...  I keep trying and trying.  This isn't about giving up on life or anything.  I'm just overwhelmed... so overwhelmed.  I cry a lot... but seriously given how things are right now crying is understandable.  Even if we had the money for the bills, doesn't change my dad having cancer.

My oldest cat disappeared last saturday... most likely he left to die... that doesn't help any.

I feel so lonely... no one that i know has really been in this place before... so idk what to really do... and it just makes me feel so scared... and i'm never scared of anything...  and i wish i had someone who was more than just a friend to be here for me and tell me that it's ok....
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United States
I am like no one and everyone, just like everyone else

Current Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
Favourite genre of music: everything


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